Thursday, December 6, 2007

Radio Silence

We apologize for the temporary lapse in our regular programming... the station seems to be experiencing technical difficulties... Please standby until further notice... Possible snowstorm and icy road conditions...


k.a.t.e said...

IIIIII looooveee youuuu.

Would it do any good for you to be stolen away for any number of moments? Or maybe I can steal your children for you for a bit? Let me know. I have this next week off. Takin some time - accidentally - and then on purpose. Anyway, I am thinking of you, and praying that God is using every oppurtunity He gets right now to touch you and make your life more colorful and rich than it has ever been. Sending all my love tonight, colletters!!


Anonymous said...

miss reading your posts...I feel ya though, takes low priority. Miss you like crazy...we are gonna be in SR the 29th thru the 4th or around there...maybe catch a cup of somthing warm to drink when we're over there?! XO Syd