Monday, December 17, 2007

Not A Moment Too Soon!

I know I left ya hanging and still have not been able to encapsulate my thoughts to write a decent post.

It's snowing outside! I love to watch snow falling; it's very soothing. I am rocking in my chair, needing the peacefulness of the setting. I hear Eeyore in the background, "I could use an umbrella to keep th
e snow off my house - not that it matters if I don't get one." My mental state, summed up by Eeyore's bleak outlook! After nearly two years of debilitating depression I finally asked my medical professional for anti-depressants, a move that I was sore afraid to make. But when a friend intervened, saying," This is me stamping my foot: I want you to call the Dr., and I want you to do it by Tuesday because I'm going to ask you to make sure that you've done it!" Well, I could hardly refuse without getting drop-kicked into the Dr's office so I made the phone call.
Another friend emails, urging me to call an acquaintance who is a counselor. My friend hopes that I don't mind her being bossy. Au contraire, it's high time that some steps toward progress were taken!
I will say, so far so good. The meds are working already; hopefully getting my thinking realigned will soon follow. It's true what they say about being able to take life on once the medication begins helping. It's amazing how hopeless a person can become when mired in deep depression.

Who knows?! I may even get some Christmas cards sent out to more than 20 people this year!


Jennyth said...


I applaud you! I know exactly the hesitation you experienced, as I said no to meds for a long time too. And, once I hit rock bottom and was suicidal, meds were the only alternative left, I had to do it to get well.

I was on antidepressants for 4 years, and saw a counselor for the first year of that time. My life completely changed. It was if I had been numb and blind, and my feeling and blinders were taken off, so I could experience life for the first time. I've shared this before with you, but wanted to tell you is SO WORTH IT to fight this battle!

It takes a lot of hard work to get past depression, meds (as you know) won't solve it entirely. Counseling and life changes are also key, and you never know, you may one day down the road, be able to go off the meds. But, regardless, being on them is a BOLD AND BRAVE move. You are doing what many never do. You are striving to change and live a productive and healthy life. GOOD FOR YOU!!

I'll remember you in my prayers, as you go through this phase of healing. I won't lie, it can be brutal to look life in the face. But, I'll never regret doing the tough work, because today I am much better. Depression still knocks on my door on occasion, but most of the time now I can do thinks to prevent it and change it. I'm here to tell you, you will be better one day.

God Bless You Collette. May He richly consume you and protect you during this time. Merry Christmas my dear sister! Jenny

bluesugarpoet said...

Yay for drugs! I'm celebrating with you as you step out of the muck of depression. I also speak from experience when I say that this will be the best journey you've ever made in your life. Don't turn back!

Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

WTG!!! I am glad for you that you have found a solution for the time being...No need to justify or explain, this decision is right for you, and right for your family! I too applaud you for taking steps to see the light! Thank you for exposing your heart to us...and letting us know how to pray for you! I love you...I hope you know that! Syd

CGA said...

Thanks once again to each of you for your encouragement!!! I looooooooove you and think it is so cool to have the crazy blog and email technologies so that we can keep in touch like this.

In case you were hoping for a Christmas card - Ha Ha I spoke too soon so you will probably receive a New Year's photo and letter instead! If I had gotten on "serious drugs" (as my Auntie Leilani likes to say) several months sooner then I might be more on the ball. :- ]

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!