Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Summer - or BUST!

It's been too long, my friends. But hey- it's not like I get paid for this gig!

We've moved twice in the past three months and I still have a bunch of junk to sort. We did take 800 lbs. of junk to the landfill and another couple hundred to Goodwill but there's still TOO MUCH STUFF. My thought process is that it should all be accounted for "in case anything should happen to me/us". I would hate for my relatives to have to deal with the rest of the misc. junk. that is currently piled in the garage. Ugh.

Clean sweep, here I come!

"Remember, stress does not come from being busy. Stress comes from being busy about things we don't want to do, or from not being busy about things we do want to do."
--Patricia Sprinkle, Women Who Do Too much

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