Thursday, February 5, 2009

Radical Honesty Policy

If you've been watching the new show Lie to Me, maybe you're as fascinated as I am. Honestly, how can I get a job at the Lightman Institute? Seriously though, I actually have a copy of a book on handwriting analysis and now this show comes along about how the truth is always revealed on our faces in some form or another; handwriting analysis is much the same. If I could possess the skills to read both I would be some sort of superhero. Like, totally.

One of the characters on the show has this policy of being radically honest at all times. Apparently, fear of rejection is not as high on his list as it is on most people's. It does help when one is a fictional character. I find his honesty to be delightfully endearing in a proverbial sense: Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. (
Proverbs 27:6) Sure, there are other verses that talk about "love covering a multitude of sins" but I think that has more to do with forgiveness and a desire to honor others than it has to do with talking straight about things that need to be said. My best friends are people who talk straight, usually. The small percentage of the time that they are not 100% honest has more to do with grace than with deceit.

Since I do harbor at least some fear of rejection, alas I am not a fully integrated superhero yet. That fear lessens by the year (which explains why old men can wear white shoes and plaid polyester slacks) so by the time I'm 93 I will be ready to kick butts from here to Sri Lanka. If I watch all the episodes of Lie to Me perhaps I will be permitted an honorary degree as a facial cues scientist. Do you need a degree to be a superhero?

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Anonymous said...

Okay I will be honest I did not know your blogged exsisted until I put in my first and last name into the "google" search engine and pushed "images" because I wanted to see the pictures of myself on the web... and up pops your picture or image listed under my first and last name as Me. Okay I was totally shocked... I haven't seen you in years... but I took that as a sign from God... or as William thinks the computer in the sky as a sign... and clicked... and low and beholded I told my sweet William that it's our long lost buddy Now that was weird... but not really... I have always been able to read the unspoken signs God (who ever you conceive that to be) bestows on me through out my day and react. Some signs in my days on earth... I know exsist... but I do not act on them... but with you I felt an overwhelming urge to act even when I did not want to. But I did because our meeting again was meant to be ... for who knows what reason... So here I sit every once in while and I read your blogs because God put you in my lap for some reason.

I am glad to see you writing again... I was worried about you when you found out I found your blog and then shortly after quit writing from your heart. Sorry but I think we are bound to the hip for some bizzarrreee reason... who knows....

Welcome back dear lost soul... I just want to say...

Life is fun and exciting believe me... All you have to do is have faith that things happen to you for you to learn lessons you must learn in able to reach new heights.

I know I hear ya chick you don't want to learn the lessons set before you ... sorry but this is life... we all must go through the struggles and pain and happy times in order to learn the lessons God wants us to learn. Of course we don't want to go through the hardships and pain to get where God wants to put us .... at any given point in our life... but that's tuff you have to feel the thoughts and the pain in your heart and soul and go through the doubts you have about the significants others in your life in order to come out of the horrible ordeals better then when you first went into it...

I am here throwing you a life line or life jacket when you think all has forsaken you... I just want you to know that when you think you can't take it any more I am there with a life jacket to keep you afloat.

Love you!